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PepFactor Scalp

What PepFactor Scalp?

PepFactor is designed for those seeking the appearance of thicker, vibrant, and luscious looking hair. The aim of PepFactor Scalp is to give the impression of more voluminous, youthful hair. Many users have noticed changes in their hair after just four weeks.

PepFactor offers an alternative to surgical procedures for scalp care. The treatment involves a minimally invasive technique, microneedling, combined with the application of PepFactor serum. Many individuals have observed positive changes in their hair within four weeks of their first PepFactor session.


PepFactor is often used alongside other therapies, as it aims to boost clients' confidence by helping them achieve the look of fuller hair.


PepFactor Scalp application aims to offer several advantages that may help clients feel and look rejuvenated and more confident after only a few sessions. Some of these potential benefits include:

  1. Giving the impression of more voluminous, lustrous, and healthy-looking hair.

  2. Offering a non-surgical option that may provide lasting results with minimal discomfort.

  3. Providing quick procedures without the need for blood drawing.

  4. Being an affordable and potentially effective choice.

  5. Typically showing changes in hair appearance within a couple of weeks following the initial treatment.

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What distinguishes PepFactor Scalp from other non-surgical hair care options is its unique formula that includes copper peptides. PepFactor Scalp does not require any blood draw. This innovative procedure aims to give the appearance of more voluminous, youthful hair, with changes often visible within 4 weeks.

Many users have noticed improvements after a couple of weeks from their first PepFactor session. After 6-8 applications, the full effects of the treatment may become more apparent. However, results can vary from person to person.


Without the necessity for drawing blood, the PepFactor Scalp application process is designed to be straightforward, non-invasive, fast, and affordable. In about 30 minutes and 4 steps, your PepFactor Scalp session will be finished.


  1. Cleanse the scalp area.

  2. Perform a micro-needling-like procedure to create tiny channels that may help PepFactor to reach the scalp more effectively.

  3. Apply PepFactor and infuse.


PepFactor Scalp users often share that their hair seems to have a thicker, fuller, and more lustrous appearance after just a few sessions with PepFactor Scalp.

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