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ReGen Factor's Covid reset-1 trial

ReGen Factor Oral Supplement in the fight against Covid-19

ReGen Factor, the makers of PepFactor and producers of cost effective, bio-identical rh bFGF(recombinant human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor), today announced they have formulated a proprietary oral supplement that boost energy levels and the immune system against Covid-19. The new oral supplement’s main ingredients including bFGF is delivered to the intestine by bypassing the acidity of the stomach with ReGen Factor’s proprietary delivery technology.

Independent research has shown that bFGF protein administration markedly reduces mortality and the severity of lung injury. FGF functions as immunomodulatory factor by inducing the secretion of pro inflammatory factors in airway diseases. The role of bFGF in modulating the function of airway cells in remodeling, inflammation, and lung function could provide potential alternative options for patients that are unresponsive to current anti-inflammatory treatments being used in COVID-19.

Regen Factor plan to seek permission to executing a clinical trial under section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to use ReGen Factor’s bFGF as a preventive, protective and/or therapeutic approach for COVID-19 treatment.

About ReGen Factor

ReGen Factor is the maker of PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp treatments. ReGen Factor is known for producing the world’s only known cost effective and bio-identical bFGF. The company’s mission is to offer safe, fast, and effective treatments that offer never seen before results.


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