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PepFactor Skin - Single Kit (For Professional Use Only)

PepFactor Skin - Single Kit (For Professional Use Only)

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PepFactor Skin is designed as skin rejuvenation product to be used by professional staff in a med-spa setting.

Treatment applications include but is not limited to:

Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck decoletage and hands

Scar reduction


Treating acne

Treating acne scarring

Treat skin blemishes for a even skintone

Treating Rosacea

Treating wrinkles

Increase skin firmness and elasticity 


Two treatments are recommended as a minimum with 8 treatments providing oiptimal results.

Treatmens should ideally be performed once every  7 to 14 days for the first 3 treatments.

Additional treatments can be scheduled depending on the patient's needs.

A typical PepFactor Skin treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes.

PepFactor Skin is applied with a microneedling pen.

RRP per treatment is US$ 650.00.

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