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Pepfactor Hylauronic Acid
(HA plus)

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What PepFactor Hylauronic Acid (HA Plus)?

HA PLUS Serum is a revolutionary skincare solution to usher in a new era of advanced skincare treatments. Developed with painstaking attention to detail, the serum is tailored to complement skin-needling procedures optimally. It serves multiple roles - acting as a potent moisturiser, a skin rejuvenator, and an accelerant in the skin's natural healing process.

Why Choose PepFactor HA Plus?

The formulation of HA PLUS is carefully constructed, comprising only the safest, most reliable, and highest quality ingredients. It is free from harmful preservatives and fragrances, prioritising the health of your skin above all else.


The heart of HA PLUS is the power of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, a substance renowned for its incredible hydrating capabilities, exponentially enhancing your skincare treatments' effectiveness.
But the magic of HA PLUS doesn't end with hydration.


The serum is infused with a potent cocktail of powerhouse ingredients such as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Niacinamide, Vitamin E, and 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). This synergistic blend of ingredients works tirelessly to promote healthier skin cells, control inflammation, inhibit the growth of harmful organisms, shield your skin from oxidative damage, and bestow anti-aging benefits.

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Integrating HA PLUS into Your Practice:

Integrating HA PLUS into your skin-needling protocols couldn't be more straightforward. The serum is gently applied to clean, damp skin before the commencement of the micro-needling procedure. This simple addition to your skincare routine enhances the overall treatment experience and significantly elevates client satisfaction across all skin types.


HA PLUS Serum embodies the next level of innovation in aesthetics and skincare. It's an invaluable asset to med spas worldwide, specifically designed to boost client experiences and generate superior results. We cordially invite all med spa owners to incorporate HA PLUS into their offerings, elevating their service standards to unprecedented heights. It's time to embrace the future of skincare treatments, which, we firmly believe, is epitomised by HA PLUS.

Don't let your med spa lag the curve. Contact us today to integrate HA PLUS into your skincare offerings. Step into the new era of beauty science delivered by HA PLUS and redefine your spa’s potential.


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