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The Appearance

In Age

By Up To 10 Years
In 21 Days!

PepFactor's 21-day challenge

The in-salon and at-home skin age reduction treatment.

For never seen before results

Why Choose PepFactor™?

The PepFactor proprietary formulation was developed by top scientists in biotechnology and molecular science, utilizing patented, innovative ingredients. ​


By combining PepFactor with various ingredients, the creators have designed targeted treatments for both skin and hair that focus on the specific area to which it is applied. ​


Move beyond single-benefit hair and skin treatments and explore PepFactor. ​


With over 30,000 PepFactor sessions to date, professionals have been impressed with the outcomes of PepFactor treatments, leading to the phrase "PepFactor delivers exceptional results."

What we do

What Clients Say

"My skin age appeared 8 years older than my biological age & I was shocked. I had a PepFactor treatment and started applying PepFactor Hyaluronic Acid morning and night for the next 21 days. My skin age appearance reduced by 10 years when measured with a skin analyzer! I can't believe it."

- Tahli F

Tahli's skin age appearance reversed by 10 years in 21 days with PepFactor

Melana Kay, the proud owner of Golden Apple Spa in New York, is a passionate advocate for PepFactor. She's seen firsthand how it's become a highly sought-after solution for hair restoration, thanks to its rapid and visibly effective treatments.

Casey's life was transformed after discovering PepFactor. Once plagued by severe acne and scarring, she now enjoys radiant skin thanks to PepFactor's quick-acting formula and simple routine. Her transformation is not just visible—it's life-altering.

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6 Treatments with PepFactor Skin


Salon Owners

Offer The 21-day Challenge in Your Spa

*Create a PepFactor practitioners account to apply the wholesale discount for in salon use.


Our Dermanalysis skin analyser utilises 36M mega pixel camera with 8 spectrum imaging and AI technology to provide accurate and comprehensive skin analysis reports within seconds. 

Regen Hydroderma new.png


Our multifunction hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion machine is a multiple technology platform to infuse, cleanse, exfoliate, extract, tone, and hydrate. With 9 functions in one small device.



 PepFactor's HA+ serum 

infuses Hyaluronic Acid with Niacinimide, Vitamin E, EGF & Vitamin C to offer a fantastic and effective skin treatment for hydration, wrinkles, pigmentation and collagen.


Start reducing your skin age appearance  today!


If you have any questions about PepFactor, our 21-day challenge or ordering, please contact us below.

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.

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