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ReGen Factor - Skin-Guard

Future ReGen Factor products

FGF bp 1 – for treating skin cancers / preventing skin cancer cells from dividing.

Potential as a generic ingredient for all cosmetic skin creams and sunscreen products.

Main ingredient FGF bp 1 – we need 6 months lead time to produce this drug.

Examination of wild-type skin grafted onto Fgfbp1 GFP-knock-in reporter hosts and bone marrow transplants from the GFP-reporter model into wild-type hosts revealed that circulating Fgfbp1-expressing cells migrate into healing wounds. We conclude that tissue-resident and circulating Fgfbp1-expressing cells modulate skin carcinogenesis and inflammation - The Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor-Binding Protein 1 in Skin Carcinogenesis and Inflammation. PMID: 28864076


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