About PepFactor

For Never Seen Before Results

PepFactor distributes skin and scalp rejuvenation cosmetics and devices.

PepFactor skin and scalp rejuvenation serums may assist with the appearance of younger looking skin.

Our research.

Our Doctors and Researchers work with Lung Cancer research and are achieving high remission rates in participating hospitals. UMR also research Skin Cancer and is in the process of research and development of a topical skin cream for the treatment of skin cancers.

Our researchers are also conducting research with FGFbp3 to combat the obesity epidemic.


Achievements by our team.

Our Research team co-inventor of Authentic, Bio Identical Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF). We have also invented a novel method to produce bFGF cost effectively. Our researchers have made several innovations in  molecular medicine and valuable ingredients and their delivery systems. Our researchers are also researching more effective, cost effective and easy methods for  skin and scalp cosmetics.


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